My Role
UX/UI Designer
Sara Park, Isabelle Kwong, Harry Lin & Max Barbosa
4 months
Figma, ProtoPie, After Effects
Awards & Recognition

Project Overview

beyond the event experience

This project was for a Design Systems for UX/UI academic class that focused on human-centered design thinking methodology for problem-solving solutions.


While Ticketmaster users use the app to go to events with friends and expand their social circle, the app lacks collaborative features essential for shared experiences.

My Role

The team collaborated on UX research, working together through the discovery, definition, and ideation phases. Following this, I took the lead in UI design and played a key role in co-building the design system.

What we heard

Ticketmaster caters to a diverse user base but the main target audience we defined is anyone interested in attending live events, such as concerts, sports games, family-friendly events and theater performances.

Feature 1
Social Profiles

A new way to engage with others: Find events, build friendships, and quickly make plans within the app.

Group Creation

We found that users need to get on a call and share multiple screenshots back and forth to coordinate their plans. To address this, we offer the ability to create group chats and plan for events well in advance.

Feature 2
Split Cost

Many music enthusiasts find it frustrating to purchase tickets as a group due to fast-selling tickets and the desire to sit next to their friends. This feature enables a designated buyer to purchase tickets on behalf of multiple individuals.

Feature 3
360° Seat Selection

Through AR technology, this feature offers a close-to-real perspective of seats and the elevation from different floors.


Users can locate facilities within the venue both prior to and during the event saving time and energy for the show. This is particularly useful for parents of young children who need to know of venue facilities and have quick access to restrooms.

Feature 4
Event Add Ons

Our goal is to provide a complete experience by offering access to recommendations for nearby restaurants, shops, and parking options in the vicinity of the venue.

Design System
Dreamy & Inviting

After the completion of the project, I learned about the challenges individuals with disabilities and their caregivers encounter at live events. How could we expand the Wayfinding feature to help them find accessible ways to navigate the venue before and during the event? How could we provide personalized recommendations through Event Add On? These questions are just the starting point. By tackling these issues head-on, we could make Ticketmaster a more inclusive and welcoming experience for everyone.

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