Design Portfolio Center

My Role
Brand Identity
Typeface Design
Project Type
Brand Identity Design
Cynda Media Lab
Creative Director & Typographer: C. J. Yeh
Design Director: Christie Shin
Designer: Sara Park

About the Project

The Design Portfolio Center is a destination for personalized design education, bringing together expert insights and educational excellence.

My role was to design the logo and typography. I collaborated hand in hand with the creative director and design director to establish the center's brand identity keeping in mind the values of education and creativity.

Master Brand Identity
Structural Analysis & Area of Isolation
Brand Colors
Custom Brand Typeface
Epic: Type Specimen

Epic is a display typeface designed to be the cornerstone of the Design Portfolio Center's brand identity. Each of its three styles, Prologue, Interlude, and Epilogue, represents a stage in a designer's career journey: raw talent and passion, education and growth, and finally, expression and vision.


Epic features a proportional design system across its three styles. The foundation of Epic's width proportion design begins at 1x in the Prologue, progressively increasing to 2x in the Interlude and 3x in the Epilogue. This system ensures the integrity of the grid even when the three styles are being integrated into the same text column.

A Condensed Symbolism of Beginnings
Expansion and Growth
Dare To Be Different
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