My Role
UX/UI and Interaction Designer
Sara Park, Isabelle Kwong & Yoojin Song
8 weeks
Figma, After Effects
Awards & Recognition

Project Overview

A platform of financial trust

The D&AD brief written by Barclays challenged us to develop a digital experience that can help Barclays meet the banking needs of neurodivergent individuals.


Neurodiverse individuals often struggle with many symptoms that can make it challenging to manage their finances.


Create a platform where neurodiverse individuals can partner with a trusted loved one to better meet their financial goals.

Empathy Interviews
Uncovering unacknowledged needs
Feature 1
A Helping Hand

A Mate could be a family member, a friend, or someone you can trust to be part of your financial journey to help you manage money easier and increase your money confidence.

Feature 2
Dual saver

Shared goals will make users contribute together and motivate one another. They can achieve their saving goals without noticing – and they'll be on vacation before they know it.

Beyond the Mobile App
An All-Around Experience

BankMate's features extend to common banking tasks like depositing checks or cash using an ATM.

Wrap Up
Our Successes
  • 01. We created a collaborative way for neurodivergent individuals to reinforce their everyday budget respecting their personal preferences.
  • 02. We transformed the process of setting financial goals into an engaging game-like experience.
I was unfamiliar with designing for fintech and neurodiversity. However, upon completing this project I gained a deeper understanding of the immense impact that intuitive features and technology can have on improving the lives of individuals.
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